Protective clothing and workwear | uvex 3B chem classic+ chemical protection suit Protective clothing and workwear | uvex 3B chem classic+ chemical protection suit

uvex 3B chem classic+ chemical protection suit

Article number: 88498

  • Liquid-tight chemical protection, type 3B (4B/5B)
  • Polypropylene spunbond laminated with polypropylene film
  • Colour: yellow

uvex 3B chem classic chemical protection suit — robust, impermeable, versatile

The uvex laminate classic material used in the uvex 3B chem classic provides an extremely effective barrier against many organic and inorganic liquid chemicals. In combination with the ultrasonically welded and additionally taped seams, maximum safety is ensured.

General features

  • maximum safety and effective barrier effect thanks to extremely durable material paired with ultrasonically welded and taped seams
  • liquid-tight
  • low-noise material
  • free of silicone and substances that interfere with wetting agents
  • Material: polypropylene spunbond laminated with polypropylene film
  • Colour: yellow

Protection features

  • Certified according to the following standards: EN 14126, EN 14605 — Type 3B, EN 14605 — Type 4B, ISO 13982-1 — Type 5B, EN 1149-5, EN 1073-2
  • offers protection against a wide range of chemicals
  • middle finger loops prevent sleeves sliding up the arm
  • double sealing flap
  • double sleeves
  • integrated boot sock for additional protection
  • antistatic properties
  • protection against infectious diseases

Comfort features

  • lightweight but robust material
  • lined with skin-friendly, textile-like material
  • perfect fit due to elasticated waistband
  • secure and convenient closures thanks to elasticated bands on hood, arms and legs
  • comfortable zip puller

Areas of application

  • handling organic and inorganic chemicals
  • cleaning and maintenance work
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • food industry
  • soil remediation and dismantling industrial cleaning and maintenance work
  • tank cleaning, working with varnishes and paints
  • disposal of hazardous substances
  • agriculture
  • waste water treatment and drainage work
  • waste management



Product data sheet

Specifications uvex 3B chem classic+ chemical protection suit

Attribute Value
PPE category III: protection against lethal hazards and irreversible damage to health
Clothing type disposable protection
Type of disposable protective suit Typ 3B (EN 14605), Typ 4B (EN 14605), type 5B (ISO 13982-1)
Standards EN 14605: Liquid-tight coveralls (Type 3: Jet-Test), EN 14605: spray-tight protective suits (Typ 4B: spray-test), ISO 13982-1: disposable protection – particle-tight protective suits, EN 1149-5: disposable protection – anti-static properties, EN 14126: disposable protection – protection against pathogens, EN 1073-2: disposable protection – protection against particulate radioactive contamination
Material Polypropylene non woven laminated with polypropylene film
Colour Yellow
Size S to 3XL
Technologies disposable coverall material composition: uvex 3B classic
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