Tactical – professional eye protection for special forces

uvex apache is a product system studied and conceived for special forces, groups of intervention, commando group and any armed forces operating all around the world to offer reliable eye protection that brings you the decisive advantage in combat situations.

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The distinct uvex apache spec and uvex apache goggle with their modern sporty design deliver optimum wearer comfort and are incredibly durable. Their permanent anti-fog coating provide consistently clear vision and they come in a set including orange and grey UV protective spare lenses together with a case. The prescription insert makes them suitable for poeple that require corrective lenses.

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uvex apache is a product system providing two separate sets: a stable, wide-vision goggle and a lightweight safety spectacle. Our apache folder introduces you to these truly outstanding products and their multiple features.

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Safety eyewear technologies

Right from the start, uvex has been a leading specialist in developing eyewear which is perfectly matched for the intended application. Our coating technology represents one of uvex’s core areas of expertise. Learn which coatings are used and what they can do – and also how you choose the perfect lens tinting.

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uvex prescription safety eyewear

According to an eyewear study by the Allensbach Institute on perceptions of sight in 2014, around one in every two Germans require vision correction. As such, it is important for those affected to obtain safety eyewear with the prescribed correction.

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