Our social responsibility

Fully protecting people also includes safety within the social sphere: We enable our staff to do this and we require it of our business partners too. We are also committed to helping people in need across the world.

Social aspects are of paramount importance within the uvex group’s sustainability concept. Corporate values that promote respectful and fair cooperation form the basis of the uvex corporate culture. For many years, the uvex group has established attractive services in the areas of health, knowledge transfer and further training as part of its employer brand, in order to retain employees and stakeholder groups on a long-term basis.

Furthermore, the entrepreneurial family assumed social responsibility with the creation of the Rainer Winter Stiftung in 1980.

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The Social Standard of the uvex group

As a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of personal protective clothing, uvex has integrated fundamental ethical principles into its corporate policy and into the way it does business ever since the company was established in 1926. We expect the same commitment from all our business partners. Our principle of protecting people is a binding commitment to our customers and their employees – and also to our own staff and those of our business partners.  

It is our corporate policy that uvex works only with companies that respect basic human rights and the freedom of their employees to carry out their work. Against this backdrop, the uvex group has developed a catalogue with seven core demands, which our business partners must apply. This Social Standard is based on specifications of the International Labour Organization (ILO), which represent the basis for all recognised social standards such as Social Accountability SA 8000.

Communication and Reporting

uvex requires all business partners to post this Social Standard of the uvex group where it can be accessed and read by all employees, suppliers, agents and sub-contractors. Employees, suppliers, agents and sub-contractors may report any violations against the uvex safety group’s Social Standard to compliance@uvex.de.