uvex pheos forestry

Article number: 9774236

  • Complete set for forestry workers consisting of a helmet, mesh visor, earmuffs and whistle
  • certified in line with EN 397, EN 1731, EN 352-3
  • suspension harness with wheel ratchet system for variable width adjustment
  • earmuffs (SNR: 30 dB) round off the system perfectly

uvex pheos forestry worker set - balanced visor standby position combined with optimum protection

This set is specially tailored to the needs of forestry work, and won't let you down when working in forest environments. It is based on the advanced uvex pheos industrial safety helmet, which provides reliable protection against the specific dangers of forestry work with its mesh visor and earmuffs. The unique resting position is perfectly balanced and located directly above the body’s centre of gravity, providing relief to the neck muscles.

General features

  • set specially developed to meet the needs of forestry workers, consisting of the uvex pheos ABS B-S-WR safety helmet, uvex pheos forestry worker visor, uvex pheos K2P (mechanical) and a whistle
  • safety helmet with slots for uvex visors, helmet earmuffs and helmet torches
  • colour: yellow, orange or red
  • KWF professional certification for the sets in the colours orange and yellow
  • .

Protective features

  • complies with the EN 397 standard and additional requirements for very low temperatures (-30°C), as well as EN 352-3 and EN 1731
  • protection from foreign bodies thanks to fully-integrated metal mesh visor
  • earmuffs (SNR: 30 dB) round off the system perfectly

Comfort features

  • three variable air vents for maximum ventilation
  • suspension harness with wheel ratchet system for variable width adjustment
  • fully-integrated metal mesh visor protects the wearer from foreign bodies without obstructing vision


  • 9774236: yellow
  • 9774237: orange
  • 9774238: red


Specifications uvex pheos forestry

Attribute Value
Product type safety helmet
Version complete set for forestry work, with short brim
Standards EN 352-3, EN 397, EN 1731:2006
Additional requirement (EN 397) -30 °C
Colour yellow
Size 52 to 61 cm
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