Safety eyewear specially designed for Asian fit

Every face is unique. In order to provide full protection, safety eyewear must fit perfectly - regardless of the situation. This is why we have developed the uvex CB product line specially for the Asian market: Designed with an Asian fit, the eyewear adapts optimally to your nose and cheekbones for a comfortable, customized fit. The innovative Custom Bridge eyewear from uvex are made in Germany and meet the highest safety and comfort standards – making them an indispensable work companion.

protecting people is our mission. All over the world. In every application.

uvex hypervision CB – comfortable and ergonomic

The uvex hypervision CB boasts a comfortable and ergonomic design with a translucent frame that offers an unrestricted field of vision. Flexible, soft, and designed specifically for Asian fit, the frame provides great comfort. A recess on each side allows for your own prescription eyewear, so the uvex hypervision CB can be worn as an OTG easily and comfortably. uvex hypervision CB is equipped with an adjustable headband as well as indirect ventilation.

uvex megasonic CB – for all-round vision

The revolutionary lens design of the uvex megasonic CB does not restrict the wearer’s field of vision, delivering edge-to-edge, crystal-clear vision — even under difficult conditions. The custom bridge is specially designed for an Asian fit. The spacious internal volume and specifically designed frame recesses accommodate side arms for spectacle wearers, delivering a universal fit, and ensure the same level of protection across the whole workforce. The sporty, ergonomic design and ultra-comfortable fit make these goggles a reliable addition and allow you to get on with your day, without distraction.

uvex super OTG guard CB – a perfect solution for every workplace

With the capability of converting from an OTG with a guard to a goggle, the hybrid system of the uvex super OTG guard CB provides a perfect solution for almost every workplace. The panoramic lens gives you an expansive viewing area and at the same time, the guard provides an all-round protection. Specially designed Asian-fit face seal is soft and adaptive. uvex's super OTG guard CB can also be worn over prescription eyewear, providing a solution to all.

uvex OTG SN CB – fashionable and protective

The uvex OTG SN CB is specially designed for an Asian fit and comes in a fashionable and attractive design. The valuable combination of a soft nose, a soft brow guard and duo-component side arms ensure that the uvex OTG SN CB offers a very comfortable and non-slip fit. The side arms can even be individually adjusted. Providing enough inner volume, the uvex OTG SN CB can also be worn as overspecs making it a product for everyone.

uvex CB Range – specially designed for Asian fit