Extreme conditions require extreme performance

It doesn't matter whether your work is physically demanding or whether you are working in high heat, high humidity or extreme cold — uvex activision offers first-class protection and flawless vision even in extreme situations. This is ensured by its innovative coating technology: The safety eyewear is not only extremely scratch-resistant and permanently anti-fog — it also has a heat-conductive coating that keeps the lens fog-free in any kind of extreme situation you can imagine. With its pioneering features and ergonomic design, the uvex activision is the ideal companion for any challenges that demand more than a standard solution.

uvex safety glasses anti-fog and scratch resistant

anti-fog anytime

Scratch-resistant and anti-fog safety eyewear with "integrated lens heating": The uvex activision lens is coated with a heat-conductive coating, the proven uvex supravision coating is then applied over this to ensure optimum visibility in extreme conditions.

On the inside:

1. uvex supravision coating for durable anti-fog performance
2. transparent, heat-conductive coating

On the outside:

3. uvex supravision coating — scratch- and chemical-resistant
4. 3D-conductor tracks integrated into the lens design

Safety glasses with lens heating

The "lens heating" electronics are invisibly installed in the frame, while the connection to the battery is made via a wire integrated into the headband of the eyewear and contacts along the entire edge of the lens.

warming uvex safety goggles with ice free coating

In addition to the scratch-resistant and anti-fog uvex supravision coating, the uvex activision features a transparent, heat-conductive coating.

Safety glasses that do not freeze

The compact battery lasts for one hour and can be quickly recharged thanks to the quick charge function. For longer or extremely cold applications, a wired battery for storing in a jacket pocket is available as an option.

uvex safety goggles with heating

Just tap briefly with your finger and the "lens heating" is activated. Switching on and off is easy, even when wearing protective gloves.

Warming anti-fog safety goggles

The soft, ergonomic face seal adapts universally to any face shape and ensures a secure, tight and comfortable fit — it's also ideal for prescription spectacle wearers.

ice-free and fog-free safety goggles

The 30 mm wide, length-adjustable textile headband can be individually adjusted and offers optimal fit and wearer comfort in every situation.

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